MED | Interacting with Multiple Stakeholders (E-Learning)

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Educational objective
In this module, the Learner will be exposed to the full ZEISS customer stakeholder landscape. The course will enable the learner to adapt to below changes in the market :
   • Demographic changes: increasing number of patients and higher patient expectations regarding personal healthcare.
   • Shifts in healthcare systems: lower reimbursement rates and/or looming shift to value-based healthcare
   • Market consolidation: small practices large chains These shifts lead to a decreasing influence of Clinical decision-making in the purchasing process in favor of increasing influence of non-clinical decision-makers (i.e. commercial staff with a background in procurement, logistics, finance, legal or IT). After completing the course the learner will be able to :

1. Understand the various different stakeholder (With a special focus on Non Clinical stakeholders)
2. Understand what motivates and drives the different stakeholders
3. Be given some ideas on how to interact with the different stakeholders
4. Understand the different personality types that one may encounter during customer visists.
Alex Chiorean (MED Admin)
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