Approach to Sustainability

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Цель обучения
By the end of the training, you will know …
… about the growing business relevance of sustainability.
… about the importance of sustainability for the ZEISS Group’s long-term business success.
… how to integrate aspects of sustainability into your daily work and simultaneously contribute to the ZEISS Group’s long-term success.
… where to find the relevant ZEISS platforms and documents regarding sustainability and how to use them.
Ключевые темы
  • Definition of sustainability
  • Important global developments regarding sustainability und business
  • Five fields of action of the “Responsibility at ZEISS” approach
  • Customer and stakeholder expectations
  • Opportunities for global exchange
  • Access to supporting resources

Целевая аудитория
All Employees

Web Based Training including Videos
Please send any questions or comments to:
Besjana Thaqi
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